Why Minecraft Net Login Button Not Working

Fix Minecraft login error ( An error prevented your

Why Minecraft Net Login Button Not Working

Posted by Breland Albertina on Sunday, 23 February, 2020 19:47:28

Why does Minecraft not respond when I click and then goes back to normal? It will then take you to minecraft.net. Once you are there you log in. When you open minecraft, where you login

Hi. Since last week my daughter has attempted numerous timesas have we the parents to open Minecraft on her iPad When the Minecraft icon is clicked on.. it gets to the Mojang white page and then shuts down not taking her into the game . Any information on why this is happening and what we can

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Why Can't I Login To My Minecraft Launcher. anyone tell me how to fix it? also i cant even login to minecraft.net because when i type my gmail and password then when i click on the login button nothing happens at all so please tell me how to fix this

Hi, if I try to login with my account in the Minecraft Launcher, it says that I have wrote my Email or Password wrong. The same thing happens when I try to login in the Minecraft.net, but when I click the login button, nothing happens.

kis 2013 seems to be blocking the minecraft launcher from connecting to minecraft.net servers. i have tried putting an exclusion and trusted application on the launcher but it still doesnt allow the connection. can anyone suggest a solution?