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Posted by Breaux Albert on Saturday, 22 February, 2020 19:21:27

If you agree to the terms and conditions for use, click the Accept Terms & Conditions button to start the Parent Portal Login. If you need help logging in or have forgotten your password, click the appropriate link*:

Password (case-sensitive): Forgot User Name/Password? Parent Student Staff . Create New Family Portal Account

The Parent Portal Login link above takes you to a shared portal where you can make payments and adjust parent portal options. About the Parent Portal? Students can create and authorize an on-line Parent Portal account for parents and guardians where parents and guardians may be granted access to financial and academic information related to

Parent Portal Registration F.A.Q. Landscape/Architecture By Omar Hickok, Mayfield Central School District, eSchoolData Art Contest - Winner Landscape photos, drawings and paintings have been greatly appreciated by artists since the beginning of art.

The portal lets parents view their child's records anywhere, anytime. In response to the privilege of accessing the site, every parent is expected to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner. The portal is available to every parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the JCPS District.

Log In. If you have forgotten any of these details, please contact Parenta Support Mon to Fri, 8am - 8pm.