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APS launches YC1000, industry’s first 3 phase, 4 panel

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Posted by Brunett Amo on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 21:32:52

APsystems microinverter technology individually monitors and maximizes power generation for each PV module in the array, giving you higher energy production than string inverters. Higher energy production means more electricity serving your home's needs and more savings for you.

APsystems microinverters mark a breakthrough in solar technology, making PV arrays more powerful, smart, bankable, cost effective and safe. Conventional "string" systems only operate as efficiently as the lowest-performing module, meaning reduced output from a shadow or leaf on one module cuts output across all modules in the array.

Enphase is the largest producer in the world of micro inverters, having introduced their first micro inverter in 2006 (you can read about Enphase's history here).APsystems was founded three years later in 2010 in Silicon Valley (where Renvu is also located) and has been making their mark with innovative micro inverters, putting out the first dual-panel micro inverter on the market.

APsystems microinverters are much easier to install than the other 'major' company's inverters. There is no expensive trunk line to stock, as the AC lines are attached to inverters. Also, there is one inverter per two modules, so only half the inverters to install and ground.

Jason Higginson, senior director of marketing for APsystems, explains to us at Solar Power International 2017 why the YC600, which can serve two solar panels, is the most advanced microinverter in

Here is a comparison between APsystems' YC600 microinverter vs Enphase's IQ6 microinverter (no longer sold), with the differences between the microinverters highlighted.Note that the APsystems product is a dual microinverter, with two PV modules per device; the Enphase product is a single microinverter with one PV module per device: